TalonHooks are very versatile!

TalonHooks can be used for a variety of uses! Take a look:

  • Obviously, they can be used to hold your tools. Take a look at the descriptions for each hook to see which hooks will work for each tool on our product page.
  • Can be used to organize your craft supplies and tools.
  • Great for organizing your sewing room. The B34 hook (3 ½” long hook) can hold large spools of threads for sergers and embroidery machines, and the smaller A15 hooks are perfect for smaller spools.
  • Because TalonHooks will not scratch or cause corrosion, they can be used to hang and display antiquities, knife collections, guns, and other sporting equipment. In fact, they have been used in auction houses, antique stores, museum displays, and are even used in guns safes. 
  • The commercial and industrial uses are endless. TalonHooks are used on mobile tool carts, assembly and work stations, in manufacturing facilities, machine shops, laboratories, armories, and many other applications