TalonHooks Are Compatible With Many Peg Boards

Talon®Hooks were designed for 1/4" thick pegboard with 1/4" holes (some boards have 9/32" holes which are ok too), spaced 1" apart.

Talon®Hooks have performed well with pegboard dimensional variances for many years.  The hook in the rear that engages the thickness is actually bent to absorb variances. The locking collet is also quite capable of dealing with variances. 

They will also work quite well on the 3/16" boards sold at the big box stores. They will not fall off, however there will be a very slight space/gap between the hook and board. This will not affect performance of the hook. To shim the thickness variance, a 1/4" flat washer can be placed behind the hook to assure a firm, snug fit. 

There is a significant number of manufacturers of metal pegboard.  The diameter dimension of the holes can vary from one manufacturer to another and can also be affected by surface treatments like paint.  We recommend getting a sample pack to try TalonHooks on your specific metal pegboard.  Most metal pegboard is no thicker than 1/16”.  Customers have solved the thickness variation in multiple ways including adding spacers/flat washers between the TalonHook and the pegboard, as well as mounting 3/16” pegboard behind the metal pegboard.

TalonHooks pegboard hooks work on most masonite and plastic boards. With so many new options in the pegboard market, however, it can be hard to tell if our hooks will be compatible with your particular board. Please email us with any questions you may have or get a sample pack to try TalonHooks in your specific application. 

Soon to come! Various spacers that will allow TalonHooks to fit most boards on the market.