The Story Behind TalonHooks Pegboard Hooks Toolholder System

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The Hollingsworth Company, makers of TalonHooks was started by my Dad, Don Hollingsworth. Don was an engineer, a patent attorney, and an avid (and very organized) woodworker. He was one of those guys who loved it when the answer to a problem he encountered resulted in him needing to buy a new tool (yes I see you smiling and nodding!).

He enjoyed building things to hold his tools and gadgets just as much as he enjoyed actually building things! He had a very organized shop which included a very organized pegboard. However, he became increasingly frustrated with the flimsy metal pegboard hooks that would fall off the board every time he reached for a tool. He would joke that he had a graveyard of hooks behind his workbench.

So, being the engineer that he was, Don and my brothers (who were also pretty accomplished nerdy guys) set out to solve the problem of the poorly designed pegboard hook. It all began at the dinner table on the back of a napkin and eventually became a precisely engineered item that would be the best on the market!

A tremendous amount of thought, design, and testing went into these hooks and eventually my Dad would file and receive a patent to protect the design of the hooks (because that’s what patent attorneys, who are engineers, and organized woodworkers do!).  He named them TalonHooks (like the talons on a bird that ensure a firm grip). Needless to say, they are one of a kind!

Pam (Hollingsworth) Bates, President of The Hollingsworth Co.