Installation Instructions for TalonHooks

TalonHooks require a minimum of 3/8” clearance between the back of your board and the wall. No tools are required to install TalonHooks. The hooks will hold temporarily without pushing in the screw which allows you to lay out your pattern first. TalonHooks can be mounted in any direction on the pegboard: right side up, upside down, or sideways allowing innovative uses. TalonHooks can be easily removed with a common screwdriver. These patented hooks will not scratch tools, will not corrode due to contact with other metals, and have no sharp edges. 

Step 1 - Decide on hook location. Make sure the locking screw is completely backed out.

Step 2 - Hook the rear extension through a pegboard hole.

Step 3 - Guide split peg through adjacent hole.

Step 4 - Press the hook against your board. Suggestion: Do not press in the screw until you have finalized your layout. It is much easier to relocate your hooks at this time.

Step 5 - Using your thumb, push in the screw to lock your hook.

Step 6 - Done! You are now ready to get organized.

View of the inserted hook from the back of the pegboard.

Removal Instructions for TalonHooks

To remove TalonHooks, back out the screw with a common screwdriver. The hooks can be removed and reinstalled many times. If needed, a #2 Philips screwdriver can be used to slightly pry the hook from the board to assist in engaging the screw threads.