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As featured on Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls. Watch the video.


"Believe it or not, there really is a better perfboard hook. It's the Talon® Perfboard Toolholder, and there's no way it'll fall off when you remove the tool."

WOOD Magazine (Better Homes and Gardens)

Gave THC! a four star rating in the evaluation article of TALON® Toolholders appearing in WOOD Magazine, #88, in the segment entitled "Products That Perform".

"New perforated hardboard hooks won't fall out...a much improved line of nylon holders, anchor themselves firmly."

Woodsmith Notes from the Shop

"I get a big grin every time I take a tool off my pegboard...because the Talon® Perfboard Hooks I'm using to hold them in place don't fall off like my old metal hangers."


"This will be my third bike shop I've reconstructed with Talon Hooks. Great product! Thanks." -J.F, Portland, ME

"My third order. Mine worked so well that a bunch went to replace those awful metal hooks on my son-in-law's pegboard, now I'm expanding my own and doing one for another daughter. Excellent product! May I hope that they are made in our USA." - W.C, NH

"The pegs that you sent work GREAT. I need 4 more packs!" - V.C., Sandy Hook CT

"Your hangers are clearly the best I've ever used. Congratulations." - B.N., San Francisco, CA

"Wonderful product! Will never buy the old style hooks again, and am telling/showing all my friends!" - J.K., Johnson Creek, WI

"Where have you been hiding? Talon hooks are wonderful! Ordered last week, and you (wonderful as well) sent right quick... My wife is angry because I spend the weekend re-arranging and throwing 'pegboard hooks' away... " – N.S., San Antonio, TX

" have to know this: I've ordered more hooks of every size and shape and will increase the bucket of other hooks for our garage sale! I don't know where you have been hiding but you made my life a whole bunch better when I received the first order...second order arrived today and I'm glad a 3-day holiday is coming! I'll get back to you next week..." – N.S., San Antonio, TX

"I was delighted to find your nylon hooks, etc. that will work great in a marine environment (won't rust)..."