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Customize Your TalonHooks Screwdriver Holder

The openings in the TalonHooks Screwdriver Holder (E04) are 1/2" and 3/16" diameter which accommodate most screwdriver-shaped tools. With an easy modification, this toolholder can be adapted to accept a file or chisel.
Most files and chisels have a "throat" between the working end and the handle, and this throat is nearly always less than 1/2". Since our TalonHooks are made of tough, but flexible, plastic, it is a simple matter to cut the front of the loops of the E04 Screwdriver Holder permitting the throat of many tools to be inserted into the cut loops. The cut can be made with a utility knife, band saw or wire cutters.

By cutting the loops to have the correct span for the tool you want to hold, and by making the cut at a slight angle, the tool can be securely "snapped" into the cut loop, and yet easily removed. 
The same modification to the hook can be done to accommodate many other tools such as your spring-loaded center punch, one of those with the big red ball-like handle. It has a thinned portion in its barrel which, again snaps perfectly into a cut E04 Screwdriver Holder. No doubt, you can find many other reasons to customize the E04 tool holder for your personal use and needs.

G04 TalonHooks Toolholder Shelf

Often times you need more than just a tool holder, you need a shelf to store or organize your workshop. The G04 can make a simple and strong mount for just such a shelf. The basic materials you will need are: a minimum of 4 G04 TalonHooks (depending on total width of shelf); shelf material of your choice; chain; and two #8 x 1" screws.

In the illustration I used a 1 X 6. If you need something deeper than 5.5", try ripping a piece of suitably thick plywood for your application. I recommend cutting the board to the nearest inch since pegboard hole spacing is 1" on center.

After you have cut the material to length, choose what edge will be facing the pegboard. Measure 9/16" from that edge. Then measure 1/2" from each end on the previous mark. Drill a 5/16" hole at the intersection of each of those marks. These holes will fit the hook of a G04 TalonHook.

Choose where your shelf is to be mounted on your pegboard and install two G04's to match the holes drilled in the shelf. Mount two more G04's above the others at least as high as the shelf is deep. Install one end of chain over the top G04. Install the shelf and set a level or square to bring shelf perpendicular to the wall. Pull chain towards end of shelf and mark where the screw for attaching the chain should be located.

Remove shelf and tap drill for the #8 screw. Make sure that you drill the hole near the front edge of the shelf to prevent possible tipping with heavier objects. The chain can now be cut to length to match the attachment points. Install the #8 screws to capture the chain. Install the shelf and hook the chain over the upper G04's. If you have a wide shelf test the deflection in the middle to determine if a G04 in the middle for support is beneficial.

Now you are ready to load the shelf into your TalonHook setup.

Paintball Station

Submitted by TalonHooks customer, Jerrold Ingram

First of all, I thank you for a product that works! It is great to remove an item from the pegboard without the peg device falling off of the board!

This is our paintball station. We used the 1-1/4" curved hooks to support the barrel end of the guns and the 1-5/8" straight hooks for the rear support. The 1-1/4" curved hooks were also used for the goggles and spare barrels. We used the 3-1/2" straight hooks for the gloves and hoppers.

The plastic hooks will not scratch the guns nor will they react with the aluminum like the metal hooks do, causing corrosion to the guns over time. Thanks again for an excellent product at an excellent price.

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